This Long-Distance Couple Find A Brilliant Way To Stay Together

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For those that have been in a long-distance relationship, you know it can be tough.

No matter the extent of the distance, not seeing your loved one regularly may take a toll on your relationship.

When you’re tired of the same-old Skype sessions or WhatsApp messages, you need to find something fresh to do.

Well, a couple who know all about long-distance love too well have came up with a genius idea.

Danbi Shin lives in New York, whilst her boyfriend Seok Li lives in Seoul; making a 14 hour time difference between them!

This is where they introduced combo pictures into their lives to always join what they do separately together.

They cleverly edit pictures of them both in either place, and combine them to make it look like they are together.

Lonely meal times become dinner dates and sight-seeing is done together.

Their project, called ‘Half & Half’, has taken the internet by storm as everyone loves their romantic stance.

Their journey can be followed on their art website: shinli-art.

Have a look at these amazing 13 pictures of their love joined in pictures.



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