Meet The Youngest Boy Band In The World

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If you’re not quite over the fact that One Direction are no more, you may be able to soothe your heartache now that the one and only ‘Baby Boiz’ are on the scene.

‘Who are they?’ you ask…;

Well, they are officially the world’s youngest ever boy band with the youngest member being just FOUR!

Jake Fertig, who is a writer for viral site Mashable, decided to try and break the Guinness World Record for the youngest boy band group in the world.

Move over Harry and Niall and make room for Caleb, Ravi, Gavin and Julian who are clearly the next big thing in the boy band world.

Fertig took on the role of Simon Cowell and put the four young singers together to try and secure the impressive world record.

The child star boy group are nothing short of adorable with their coordinated outfits and all the right dance moves.

Their debut single is called ‘Tonight Tonight’ which was actually written and produced by Jake himself.

The young pop stars have a lot of swag in their debut video and appear to be taking to this boy band lifestyle very well!

You can spot Jake looking rather out of place in the video as he tries to become Baby Boiz fifth member, even though Guinness World Record organisers kicked him out the group for simply being too old!

To cheer up your day watch the funny and insanely cute video below!

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