Heartwarming Moment Santa Uses Sign Language To Ask Little Girl What She Wants For Christmas

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For many children, sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him what they want for Christmas is a right of passage.

But, what if your child is unable to speak? This is the harsh reality that one little girl is faced with every year.

However, in the heartwarming clip at the bottom of this page the youngster, who suffers from hearing problems, can be seen communicating to Santa Claus in sign language.


The inspirational sight was captured by a passer-by at Middlesbrough’s Cleveland Centre and unsurprisingly the footage went viral after it was posted on YouTube.

At the start of the clip, the girl’s mother informs Santa that her daughter can’t talk very well because of her condition, but what happened next was truly unexpected.

The kind man asks whether she can speak sign language and then proceeds to communicate with her through this.


The adorable youngster’s face lights up when Santa starts signing to her and it is safe to say this moment is a real tear-jerker.

She goes on to tell Father Christmas that she would like to find a scooter under the tree this year, to which he replies that he will see what he can do.

None of you will be surprised to hear that the public’s reaction to this commendable behaviour was extremely positive.


One user commented saying: ‘So sweet, wonderful of him to make a connection with her.. what a great guy and what a precious girl!’

While another person called for Santa to be applauded for his actions: ‘This guy deserves a medal. Best video I have seen in long time. He made that little girl’s year right there.’

Undeniably, this man is an inspiration and we certainly believe that he deserves a round of applause at the least.

Watch the overwhelming video below and see this sensational Santa Claus make this little girls Christmas wishes come true.

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