15 Reasons To Stay At Home This Black Friday

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Black Friday is approaching this week, and even though it is a good chance to get your hands on some reduced stuff, is it really worth it?

Sometimes it seems that determined bargain-hunters will do anything they can to bag the cheap items.

From pushing, shoving, screaming and shouting, Black Friday has seen it all.

By now, we’ve all heard of the Black Friday horror stories.

Some disasters have even resulted in people being killed!

Despite cheap clothes, shoes, food and TV’s seeming ever-so appealing, Black Friday is so unappealing in many other ways.

And the funny thing is, they aren’t always the best deals of the year anyway!

If you’re considering the daring venture out to the shops this Friday, here are 15 reasons why you might prefer to stay at home instead.

1. Online Deals Save All The Hassle


Attacking the cold weather at 5am just to join a ridiculously long queue outside your favourite store seems so uninviting. Most shops actually offer the same, if not better, deals online. So why get out of your warm cozy bed?

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